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Sprite editor and animator using joystick control released in 1994 upgraded to 2006. It was at the time my best program


CommoOS 2008 or CommOS 1.1

File manager for 64HDD users with very fast directory loading and viewing.
Can be used also without 64HDD as a simple fie manager
Required: Commodore 64, PC with MS-DOS (min. 386SX), X(E) Cable and 64HDD all editions


CommOS 10 or CommOS 3.0

In final version to download. Manager for 64HDD Professional, which uses all advantages of speedloaders. It contains My Computer, File Manager, Control Panel and Icon Library. For support thanks to Nicholas Coplin


Sizeable Charset

Tool for Commodore
264 series. With this you can change width and height of text to 2x, 4x or 8x. Thanks to boys from Pocitac Aktivne.


Description VDC 8563/8568 registers

It's from book "Programmer's Reference Guide", maybe will helpful...

in English language

in Slovak language

Funny Tablets

2 players game for Commodore 128 controlled by paddles. One of both paddles controls player 1 and second player 2. To play you need Paddles.


aceDOS128 v1.1

DOS for Commodore 128 and 64HDD, IEC-ATA and 1541Ultimate(DCA) -Direct Card Access.
Updated version where is changed command @ to # and key [LINE FEED] to key [ALT].


C128 System Information v7.5

Program that detects type of your hardware in Commodore 128. Also added recognizing 64HDD drives and better detection of MMU and RAM size. Now added checking of JiffyDOS, CMD-HD, CMD-FD, RAMLink, RAMDrive. Full detection of SuperCPU, RR-Net simple detection (maybe works
not correctly). New version brings detection of new storage devices like SD2IEC etc. Works not correctly in VICE. Optimized for 80 columns mode. Thanks to Christian Johansson and more.


aceCommander128 RC2

File manager for every drives working in 80 column mode allowing to display two directories at
If you'll find any bug please contact me, it's still only Release Candidate


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